Half round stock

Are there suppliers of half round stock steel ?

I need 1-1/2" half round in 3 foot lenghts. I could mill round stock, but it's a waste of material and time if halfround where available.

cheers T.Alan

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T.Alan Kraus
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Bandsaw and a V block?

If it were a standard rolled form, and I don't think it is, it'd probably cost you as much as 4 or 5 lengths of round stock. Not a whole lot of use for it out there.


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Don't buy it, Stan. I've seen HRS half rounds in a lot of sizes, they had to come that way from the mill. Suggest the OP contact his local steel vendor.


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Grant Erwin

I'm pretty sure there are suppliers, but I don't know any myself.

What might work for you is a blacksmith with an appropriately sized power hammer. A motorized forging press would work, but would be quite a bit slower. There would be a tooling expense to make the tool steel half round lower die, just using a flat die for the upper in the hammer. Then you'd be in for so much an hour. I don't think it would be too expensive. The smith would take round bar, maybe 1 1/8" and pound it down into the half round die.

This assumes you don't need a tremendous quantity, also that you don't need a cold rolled finish on it. Am I close?

Blacksmiths may also be able to recommend a supplier. If you're interested in either having someone make you the stock or me asking around for a supplier, I'll be happy to help. Where are you at? I'm a blacksmith.


T.Alan Kraus wrote:

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Steve Smith

Bayshore Metals Inc. PO Box 882003 San Francisco CA 94188-2003


They have both half rounds and half ovals, in addition to other shapes.

Pete Stanaitis


T.Alan Kraus wrote:


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