Heidenhain TNC 151 Controller wont finish start cycle any ideas

We have an old Bridgeport Interact with a Heidenhain TNC 151 Controller. It has
not been run in a few years. I wanted to do a canned cycle today but it will not
finish the boot cycle. It finishes the memory test then show power interrupt. So
I push the CE and the Pass over z - reference mark, Pass over y - reference
mark, Pass over x - reference mark, axes show up on the screen and this is were
I am hung up. I can not do anything from here. Any idea? Thank you so much
Mike B
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push the yellow button to turn on your motors then press the green cycle start button and it will move. keep feed low so it wont crash extreme limit switches.
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aron eggleton
You do understand that the original post was from 2 1/2 years ago, don't you? It would make quite a story if the guy was still waiting after all this time for his controller to boot.
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