Help--trying to find clamp

In the early 70's, I was running an Archdale radial arm drill for a manufacturer in Eugene Oregon. They had a pair of clamps on the table. About 10 inches tall. Long T bolt vertically through the middle. Had a rear projection at the bottom about 4 inches long with a flat foot, and an upper projection about

4 inches long that had an acme thread screw with a swivel foot (like a c-clamp). Sweet clamps---just slide down the t-slot, pivot the screw over the work. As the screw tightened it rocked back on the foot and things got held down.

These were cast, in the style of a cast c-clamp. NOT something that was machined or fabricated by the company.

I want a pair of them for an old Asquith drill I'm setting up in a repair shop---but I can't find them, or even really know what to call them!! Anybody have any ideas?

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I have a big pan of clamps, may have something like that, will let you know.

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Like this?

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Ned Simmons

"In the style of" the 1800 model, but they had more like 6" of opening and maybe 4" of throat. I can remember drilling through 4" heavy square tubing set on a pair of parallels---definitely more than 3 7/8" of height. A set of the 1800's would do a lot-- might have to give them a try. Thanks.


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