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I have an Alliant 42S mill I purchased and I'm trying to find some answers. The mill model number is 42s indicating that it is a 42" bed, but when I measure the bed it is 49". Also, the manual that came with the mill is a Sharp manual, does Sharp make the mill? Also, I can't seem to find any dealers that have the Alliant line. Could someone please tell me a little more about the Alliant mill line an who sells the mills.

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Alliant are made in Taiwan by a typical convoluted network of related family owned companies, the way they do it there. They are considered to be some of the best import mills. They are made in the same factories, and are similar to, many other taiwanese bridgeport clones, like sharp. Not always interchangeable, though.

These guys selll new alliant mills

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and these guys claim to as well.

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The Alliant corporation was formed after Bridgeport decided to fire all of their dealers and sell direct. That strategy has worked out well for them hasn't it? The dealers got together and made a list of all the things that they knew sucked on a BP, came up with fixes, then shopped around for a bulder to make the mills. They settled on Sharp. Eventually the Alliant group fizzled, and there were problems with the relationship with Sharp. Rem Sales bought the corporation and now owns the Alliant name. The new mills are not made by Sharp and are very stout and high quality. The Sharp mills were very good in their day, and caused Bridgeport to add a lot of features to their mills. Anyway, you can get parts and any info you need for your mill from Rem Sales. You can also buy a new mill direct or through a dealer. The phone number is 800-808-1020 or


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