High Temp powder coating

I was wondering how high the temperature can be for powder coating to survive?

I have a cast iron, hibachi type of barbeque grill that is becoming nothing but rust. And I would like to prevent the next one from rusting away.

How hot is a charcoal fire?


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Way too hot for powder coating. The highest temp powder coating cures at

500 degrees. Worked in a powder shop for 11 years and got to do lot's of misc. work. I showed folks just how easy it is to destroy most powder.

However there are other coatings that will handle the temperatures without problems. Ceramics and flame sprayed metals both will handle the heat. Jet-Hot is a company that does both.

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Steve W.

Might try one the the exhaust header paints produced by POR-15

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I have tried this on a fire pit I built from cold rolled steel and it has survived well for over a year.

Jim Vrzal Holiday,Fl.

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Powder coating will not stand up to the high heat. SORRY. try a ceramic coating or something like that. How much is this thing worth???

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