Hoke versus Meco torches

And now one for the torch folks. I have been looking at both the Hoke and Meco torches. Has anyone here used both and if so is there a preference? Thanks, Eric

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Eric R Snow
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I have a Meco midget. It is a good "bench" torch. It is small easy to handle and manuever. It has a ultra-light rubber hose that I like for ease of use around my workshop. If you are using it for jewelery, soldering, small aviation pipe welding, thin metal, or pipe frame fabrication, it will be fine. The Hoke is a bench torch for jewelers. Use my Meco to weld 1/4" mild steel rods. The tips are a little on the small size. If you going to use it for larger items and large brazing, I would consider a larger torch. I also have an older Meco Weldmaster torch that is good for bigger items.


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I have a Meco Midget and a Smith Little Torch, no experience with Hoke. The Meco #0 tip is equivalent to a #4 on the Little Torch. The Meco might be a bit large for fine jewellry work, but I am delighted with it for the type of work I usually do -- which is typically small though larger than most jewellry. The Meco is well made, valves work well and it is very easy to use.

I would think of the Meco more as a light aircraft torch than as a jeweller's torch.

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Don Foreman

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