Automatic welding lens/purge box thoughts

To all youse welder type,
I was welding a small, thin, steel part and the back side oxidised a
little due to the heat. On this part it didn't matter. But it looks
bad and is sloppy technique. While removing the oxidation it occured
to me that a purge box would have been the easiest way to weld this
part. Then I thought that an auto darkening lens might make the job
even easier. So my idea is to put in a large automatic lens in the box
and use a magnifier if needed for the small parts. That way I can also
use my regular glasses and not rely on the "cheaters" in my hood. Does
this sound like a good idea? Anybody done this?
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Eric R Snow
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It sounds like overkill to me. I would think that Argon (you are talking TIG right?) being heavier than air you could just place the parts inside a container and give it some preflow to displace the air. A layer of Argon should remain to protect the backside with the additional Argon during the welding just causing the Argon to overflow the container rather like dry ice fog would.
Pete C.
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Pete C.
If you fixture the parts on adjustable mount so you can place them in the right spot each time, I don't think the small lens would be a problem. In order to get your head positioned easily, it might to help to mount the lens in vinyl oxy cutting goggles with the straps removed. Fasten that to the box so you can rest your face on the goggles. For really fine TIG work I don't think there's any such thing as too much magnification and often use both a magnifier in the hood *and* reading glasses.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
"Gunner" wrote: A clean...clean oil change pan is said to work pretty well for this. (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ How about throwing in a chunk of dry ice for good measure?
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Leo Lichtman
HF sells a small sand blast cabinet that might work out for the box. When your done welding just pick up the blast nozzle and spiff up your work. Tom Wait Barton Rifle Shop 1805 Barton Ave Suite #9 West Bend, Wisconsin 53090 (262) 306-RIFL (7435)
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Tom Wait

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