welding goggles corrective lenses

i have a pair of welding goggles--no name on them--they are black, have
plastic side panales and on the front upper crosspiece there is a large
screww--i assume that is where one could attach various objects-- i am
looking for corrective lenses for this the lenses look about 2 inches
round and are made of plastic---says atheremal on them
anyone know where to get close-up lenses for this item?--searched the
web to no avail
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Peter, I need 'reading glasses' at my age. For welding I use a set of regular reading glasses under my welding hood. I tried using a corrective lens in my hood but I didn't like it.
For gas welding, I have a full face shield--number 5 darkened. I use my reading glasses under that. Works like a hot darn because you get way better visibility than with goggles and your whole face is protected from any possible sparks etc.
The 'reading glasses' I refer to are actually shop glasses with magnifying (safety) lenses (to my strength needs). But reading glasses behind a proper protective (full face gas welding shield or an arc welding hood) shield would do nicely I reckon.
Ciao, David Todtman
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David Todtman
I buy reading glasses by the *three* at (US) Sam's Club. In the last few months they've actually had multiples of the same style.
Makes it easier to scavange parts and fix them. I still have three good pair. ;)
- "David Todtman" - spluttered in news:dDiTb.371177$X%5.46465@pd7tw2no:
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Greg M
For gas welding I've been using Shade 3 clip-on glasses for a year. I have lousy eyes, goggles fog up fast on me, and they're hard to put on and take off over my regular glasses. It's also a pain to switch between my glasses and the goggles to set up between welds. The clip-ons work as easily as flip-up sunglasses, so they can't be beat for convenience and comfort. They also cost $9. Look at:
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Sam Perkins
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Sam Perkins

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