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When folks ask me 'what kind of oil' the first answer is always

*SOME* oil!!


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jim rozen
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I have a problem with anything the japs make, design or touch in any way. You drive your crapota, I'll stick with my Chevy. blow your jap rust bucket out the porthole.

The reason I bought it

It might, if you can figure out what to do when the body is rusting off after one eighth of that or less. Japcrap.

I can assume you enjoy your three meals a day of fish heads and rice?

You seem to have many problems that I am familiar with, probably because my old man was a usless drunk.

Sorry, K00k, but I'll make up my own mind on what and where I buy from, your input is only an irritation. .

If you're going to piss and moan about a few hundred dollars going to another country, maybe you should htink about the thousands you spent for your japcrap car.

Your history on most favored nation is a little twisted too, just like everything you've posted here so far.

I also have my doubts that you've ever cut even one chip in your life, but you just like to talk through your ass.

Lennie the Lurker

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Then you can drive your Detroit shit all the way to Flint Michigan to get a good look at the results of corporate greed. The Toyota'll outlive both of us and proudly so. If the shitheads in Detroit were any better than the Chinese then I would buy American. Unfortunately, many things these days are designed to fall apart after a certain number of uses. Your American car is one of them.

Kotex is on sale at Walgreens this week. Just thought i'd mention it.

Chinese most favored nation status has ruined our manufacturing base. If you can deny this then you are very ignorant.

Just relax a little Lennie, all I did was insult the best machine you ever operated. Dont take it personal.

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Sorry, jerkwad, but it's been going strong for thirteen years, and looks like I'll get another thirteen years out of it yet, without the body rusting off as is the inescapable fate of crapotas.

Better check to see who granted it, stooooopid.

Any time you want to compare makes and models of machines, feel free, but I don't think you're going to match the time I spent in manufacturing, navy puke. Repeating it, you've never cut a chip is the impression, and probably correct, that you give. Your mouth is where your ass should be, pull your head out and smell air instead of rectum.

BTW, I have ten lathes, only three of which do not say "Made in USA." (And that's not counting the one I built,or the one I am now building.)

Lennie the Lurker

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