How to fold a close double fold

Hi there,

I'm fairly new to folding sheet metal and have no formal training. We are making a relativly simple folded tray with a lip :

--- --- | | | | ----------------

Something like the ascii art(!) profile above

The flange is 15.9mm internal, and the lip is 15mm 90degree bends, in

1.2mm Aluminium

The problem i have is i can not do both bends to the right dimensions as the width of the folding bar on our Box and Pan folder is 17mm. I've tried folding the lip first, or the flange first and so far can not figure it out

Anyone with any ideas, or am i looking at machining the folding bar down ??? For reference the folding bar has already had the angled support removed.

Thanks, Lee

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Lee Edward Armstrong
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It depends on how your brake is set up. I think you can fold the inner folds first, then do the outer ones. You might have to do both bends on one side first to get it to clear the brake. All brakes are different in how much room there is under the brake, and how wide (front to back) the brake is. I'm pretty sure I could do the above part on my small Chicago brake without much trouble. Where I run into problems is boxes with 4 sides to fold up. 2 sides are easily done, then you can't put it under the brake to do the other two sides, so those have to be done with the box outside the brake, and the side being folded under the brake. Sometimes it gets really tough.


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