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Hello. My name is Marcel and just wanted to introduce myself to this great group. I work in a shop with 2 Bridgeports, a green "Deckel" (german, achtung!) mill which is awesome, an Emco (austria?) lathe missing the faceplate, and a hand-manual surface grinder. I do small jobs here and there. I'm more AutoCAD design friendly, but I'm slowly mastering that damn Deckel. Thanks to all who have helped me in the recent months with issues. I hope to repay with the same.

Marcel Miami, Florida.

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Marcel Gonzalez
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I recall a year stint at a Korean factory, running a laugin mill,

8inch(metric)/ face mill, for final finish, on x-ray grids, for hospitals.

Those Koreans were real hard workers!!

It was down in Carlsbad, Calif. Now I'm working up here in Northern Calif.

my 2 cents

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xman Charlie

snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (Marcel Gonzalez) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@mb-m13.aol.com:

Don't let that Deckel get away...that is one fine piece of equipment.

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