Fairly noob to Simulation & Animation question

I have not been using simulation very long so bare with me.
I have got an assembly that I have put a couple of spring elements in. I
calculate the simulation, and everything works great. When I replay the
simulation, the motion is too fast. Even with it set on Slow Play, it is
too fast. I know that I can manually use the slider to slow it down. But I
really need to save the replay to a video clip with animator so that I can
send it to a customer for viewing. The way it is now, even the video clip
is entirely too fast to see.
How can I slow this motion speed down?
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Seth Renigar
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I don't know if this will help.
If you change the forces of a simulation, after running the first time, you need to click the re-calculate icon. Else it still uses the initial setting for the simulation. This seems obvious, but I missed it last week and needed reminding.
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