how to paint a small Aluminum box?

I have a small Al box (6 sides) that I need to paint. I have about 10
of them.
It is one time thing. What is the best way to paint them?
Seems it is tough to get a smooth surface.
What kind of paint should I use? Oil or Latex
What should I do to ensure nice smooth surface?
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Lacquer or an automotive paint over primer.
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Jim Levie
Clean them down well with a good degreaser and then use an Aluminum primer. Follow with a good enamel paint. Alternately you could look for a local outfit that does powder coating, with the low priced units available now I have found several local back yard one man doing low volume jobs. Check with local motorcycle or custom auto shops for leads.
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Use an aluminum prep solution like Ditzler/PPG Alumiprep. You'd find it at a place that carries supplies for autobody and painting. It's a water-based solution that you apply with brush, rag, dip, let it work for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.
I've found that nearly any paint wets and levels beautifully after such treatment.
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Don Foreman

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