How to repair my space-ship with Earth metals ?

I'm an alien from outer space and I had a crash on your planet.I need
to repair my space-ship, but your Earth-Metals are so inferiour.
So I need help.How can I repair my space-ship to reach the invasion
force before they nuke your planet ?
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Paul Eisner
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Assuming your ship runs on global warming and second hand smoke, our planet's Aluminum foil, coat hanger wire, and duck tape should be original equipment for you.
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Clark Magnuson
What amazes me is this alien (with a rather human name) is posting to an online newsgroup, which can also be accessed from just about anywhere... huh... hey Clark, I bet 'ya 50 bucks right now that he's sitting back on Mars right now giggling about our satellite connections! :^)
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Tim Williams
You have emough superior metals in your bombs, you just need to take a couple of them apart to repair your ship.
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Nick Hull
I would suggest that use unobtanium 625. It is specifically designed for accident damage repair of alien spacecraft. Go to Alien Metals inc. of Roswell and ask for three of nine. Tell it that I sent you and it will give you a good price.
HTH Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
hahahahaha, typical frigging tourist. Comes here, pours shit on your country and everything, then wants help to repair some cheap crap they brought with them.
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Terry Collins
Just go to the U.S. Government, or the Democratic Party Headquarters in California. They will give you everything you need. They will also give you food stamps, medical coverage, Social Security payments, welfare, and various other benefits not available to a "common" citizen.
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Let anyone one in here nowadays... Our buddy Paul flits around the NGs posting inane questions. On, it's how to prevent asteroid damage to his boat. Bored, Paul? Get away from the teewee and do something creative. JR Dweller in the cellar
Paul Eisner wrote:
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JR North
Spaceman Paul, the Earth actually has a secret super-alloy. Go to "Auto Zone" and ask for "Bondo." Hidden in plain sight.
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I would recommend breaking metals etc to atoms then reassemble to make whatever material you need.
If you need it accurate, do it by hand, one at a time.
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