How to store steel scrap

I am producing a variety of steel scrap. Some is compact and heavy, and some is kind of fluffy, like this:

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I first naively thought that I could pile it up behind the building, and then take to a scrap yard when I accumulate a couple of tons. It turns out that local bums and Mexicans pick that stuff up every day, and that is probably considered normal. So, what would you do in this situation? Maybe get some kind of a big lockable dumpster?

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Fenced and locked area or outbuilding to collect the scrap, security cameras and a DVR, and a big No Trespassing, Will Prosecute sign - and do it if you find someone raided the hen-house.

I have scrap haulers coming by the house all the time, I have to keep the gates locked and tell them "When I decide it's fully stripped and no good to me any longer, I'll put it outside the gate." And it disappears within 24 hours when I do.

Except for Copper and Brass, I don't collect enough to make it worth the trip to the scrap yard myself - you really do have to start talking by the ton. Unless I cut it up and build something useful out of it, which is why it sticks around for a while.


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Bruce L. Bergman (munged human

If you have a regular supply, the scrap dealer will supply a bin for you and pick it up when you call. At least they do here.

I have not seen a lockable one, though.


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Paul Drahn

Your "shop" is 10,000 sf, surely you can spare a hundred or two sf for scrap storage inside. Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

My scrap dealer supplies a tall, locking 40 yd dumpster and comes when called and cuts a check in less than a week. I do have to trust his weight though. I have had scrappers break into the complex and steal my scrap by climbing over the top. But it's mostly strips that have had blanks punched from them. It isn't very dense and it's sharp as razors, a lot of work for "free" scrap.

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Tom Gardner

Hopefully, they left vivid blood offerings to the gods of scrap.

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Larry Jaques

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I've had vultures waiting for me, when I drop off stuff at the local...garbage/metal place.

Some of the junk, welders, heavy duty air hammers, etc, just let them take it.


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How long does it take you to fill up one dumpster?

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