How to crack this Meilink safe

I bought this Meilink safe at auction. Sadly, the safe is locked and the combination is not available.

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 (Fortunately, at the same auction I bought a very nice Mosler safe with a secret lockable compartment that is open).

Before I scrap this Meilink safe, I want to crack it open to see if perhaps there is gold or diamonds or some such inside. I have a acetylene torch, forklifts, etc.

I am not interested in spending big money on locksmiths, safe crackers etc and I do not care to preserve the mechanism. This is a light duty safe and it weighs under 300 lbs.

Any quick ideas of what I can do with it without wasting too much time. Torch it from the bottom?

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The safe is a Meilink 9030. Definitely any assistance will be most appreciated. That's about all I can tell you.

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I have an old mielink safe keyed. How can I open without key?

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