Need to know how to open Sentry Floor Safe

This safe has a round pullout door and is installed in the floor. It has a
silver dial and a label below it that says Sentry. Need to know the fastest
way to open this thing.
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"woolybear" wrote in message news:XTEmh.6752$
call a safe-man. for good reason, opening instructions are not usually given on this open forum. see FAQ
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Will people on this newsgroup give me information about picking locks, etc.? Yes and No. These is a serious debate, based on serious principles. Most experienced people here are quite willing to discuss the basics of lock construction and operation. Few (if any) are willing to give specific answers regarding opening a particular lock or safe - without knowing the asker or having other evidence that the inquiry is legitimate. Another balancing act regards the general effect of information. As Joe K. put it succinctly, "On one side there are the idealists who believe that even weak security should not be further compromised without good reason; on the other there are those who believe that weak locks should be forced out of the market. There's never going to be agreement here... can we just agree that reasonable people can disagree, and have done with it?"
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"Punch Job" trolled in message news:3H0nh.7116$
the correct word is "there" troll-boy.
yea, there are some folks here, like yourself, with no ethics at all.
the FAQ says yes & no with an explaination... you know, the part you snipped to try make your clueless point.
in your own mind troll-boy ! also, no real need for you to reply. <plonk>
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"'Keygirl" snipped-for-privacy@Ya.Net trolled in message news:459da89c$0$16925$
Are you fucking retarded?? If ya are I'll take it easy on you. Just speak up. Nevermind, you are. The word "there" isn't even in what you just quoted. Who's the troll? The one that answered the fucking question or the moron who babbled a bunch of useless shit? Well trollgirl?
Yeah an explanation and a lot of instructions on beating various locks too. I read it. You ought to try it sometime. First you'd have to go learn to read.
Aw your panties are in a bunch and your blood pressure is shooting up. You better run away quick before you have a fucking coronary.
run away and play with myself now
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Punch Job
"'Key" snipped-for-privacy@Ya.Net trolled in message news:459da89c$0$16925$
You are the troll you moron. He gave good information that worked perfectly. You gave me a bunch of useless BS. No need to respond I won't see it since it will just be more useless BS anyway.
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"woolybear" wrote in message news:4munh.7654$
sorry that you're so clueless and have no ethics. also, your <plonk> didn't work so ya need to do it again :-)
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Wooly what you must understand about Key is that he couldn't win an argument with a brick wall because it's smarter than he is. As a result he blurts out mindless statements like this. You asked a question, got an answer that obviously worked for you and in Key's delusional world that makes you clueless and somehow has a bearing on your ethics.
Here's another example. Nobody really knows what Key is talking about here, including Key. He just blurts out the first thing that pops in his head, although since he always claims to "plonk" people and then forgets later and responds to them he may assume you're doing the same thing. The fact that it makes no sense doesn't matter to him. It's just what he does. To put it mildly Key has a lot of problems. Not the least of which is trolling Usenet as a successful semi-retired locksmith when in reality it certainly appears he is anything but.
PS The little smiley is Keys overcompensation when something really gets to him to try to make it appear it didn't. It's pretty transparent.
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Tim Mathews

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