How would you make this bronze ring?

I need to make a number of bronze rings,

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The way I've seen this done: Bore your own tube solid round, then part/cut. Or part/cut existing tube, also bored if the ID is not right. Face rough rings in 5C collet w/ stop. Mount a bunch of faced rings on an arbor for radiusing on lathe--adequately spaced w/ washers/bushings, of course.

Not sure if your desired holes are radial or axial. If radial, take the above arbor as is, put on an indexer or 4th axis, and drill on a mill. If axial, remove rings from arbor, mount in a collet chuck, or in a 5C indexer turned 90 deg to previous, and drill one at a time.

If this is more than you would like to do, the guy I used to work with does short runs of stuff like this, and proly wouldn't bang you too hard--often depends how short he is on payroll. :) In Brooklyn, NY.

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If you need more, start with the small holes on the mill with an indexer. Then on the lathe the radius (and bore) and part off, so that the holes are placed properly.

Or start on the lathe with the rings and make an madrel for the indexer to put the rings onto for boring the small holes. Clamping with an axial screw

  • washer.


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