Hydromatic Screw Machines

looking for information on these machines and possibly a source for a mfg company that untilzes this equipment.

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There's a place in Lenexa, KS (Kansas City) that had a couple new ones when I left there and planned to get four more. The name is Machine Laboratory with a website at

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In my opinion Hydromats aren't all that great. For the money, one could pick up a half-dozen (or more?) CNC Swiss machines and approach the same productivity with far less nightmares. For example, one tool goes bad and the machine that was making a part every three seconds is now down for the next half-hour at least, and it has to make 10 parts or so for a full cycle to check it out. If it's off, you don't just adjust an offset, you have to physically get in there and maybe remove the tool to adjust it mechanically, then run 10 parts again to see if it's right. It's as if the designers exclaimed, "If we could just figure out a way to spin the tools instead of the material".

It their defense, the right part might be a good match for the machine, but they are very expensive and it's worth weighing the cost & cycle time of one hydromat against the cost & cycle time of multiples other types of machinery. Remember if a Swiss machine needs attention, the others are still spitting out parts while you are working on the one.

Just food for thought.

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Ive got (2) Escomatics for sale, if anyone wants a 6mm CNC full blown high speed screw machine.

They use coiled material rather than bar stock., The material remains fixed and doesnt turn, but the tooling does.

$65,000 for one, $70,000 for the other. Tooled and ready to go, with tool setters, smog hogs, chip conveyors etc.

Great connector pin machines. Parts simply rain out of them.


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