I went to a Homier sale today

This is not a tool gloat; just the opposite in fact.

Anyhow, Homier brought their rolling road show to my town today. Of course I was there shortly after opening.

Eagerly, unknowing was I, as I entered the sanctum, and shopping basket in hand began a cruise of the rows of tools in search of those "Have to Haves" I've somehow managed to live without. Man o Man, did my crest come rapidly crashing down. WHAT CRAP!!! IMHO, Their stuff made a Harbor Freight Store look look like a Snap-On warehouse!!!

I looked at a set of flat spade bits. They where TIN plated (or at least had a gold colored coating) but looked like they had been sharpened after stamping, on an old section of concrete sidewalk. Likewise wrenchs looked like the stuff in the 50cent throw away bin at the local hardware store.

They had some sort of small reciprocating saw (all plastic) with a sticky jambing switch and a set of nblades that by and large looked gnawed out rather than stamped or ground.

What was really amazing was the way the locals were scoffing the stuff up - the line to check out was around the building. I was gone within a half hour.

Jacksonville NC isn't the heart of tool country but this was sad, and that was my first and last Homier truckload sale.

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Bradford Chaucer
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Pretty much my experience the first time I went to one. I wasnt into machining at the time..but knew good tools, mediocre tools and shit tools.

I made the mistake in thinking they couldnt f*ck up the sandpaper...and bought a quantity. I tossed the entire bundle the first time I tried to use it.


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They do have a few good deals (mitering 4x6 bandsaw, mini-mill, mini-lathe, sand blaster, creeper, self winding air hose) but most of their stuff is junk.

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On Mon, 08 May 2006 20:40:12 -0400, with neither quill nor qualm, Bradford Chaucer quickly quoth:

No kidding. I saw one here in Grants Pass and was after their cheap tarps. They, in their infinite wisdom, didn't bring any of the smaller sizes I use so often.

I noticed that some of their prices were double that of HF and the quality was something that HF surely would have tossed out as not good enough for the 'Murrican market, who isn't that picky.

Ditto here in GP for me. It's amazing what the great unwashed masses will buy, isn't it? Feh!

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Larry Jaques

I agree. Their minilathe and minimill are each $100 less than competitors, for the same machine. You can almost get there at HF with sale prices AND a 20% off coupon. The only thing I intend to go to another for is that 4x6 bamdsaw. They sell it for $199, Grizzly sells the same thing for $400+. Reviews have been good.

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Rex B

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Mike Berger


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Jim Stewart

You've got that right. It just takes one oversized chunk of grit in a piece of fine sandpaper to wreck a job, or at least make it take so much longer. Cheap sandpaper isn't.

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Dave Hinz

Jacksonville is an armpit anyway. I grew up near there, and that's why I'm in Raleigh, where we have real stores.....


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Harbor Frieght sounds like a better deal than Homier (though never dealt with Homier). Each time I go to the HF store near me (Newark CA) I have to say I'm impressed. It's chaos of course and full of a lot of junk, but what impresses me is any time I ask one of the kids who are running around stocking shelves or doing whatever, they know what's what and find what I'm looking for pretty quickly. They speak English (well enough anyway), they hustle, and are pretty friendly. Not what I expect from a cheapy discount import store. Somehow they train (and I expect treat) their employees better than Home Depot or a lot of other places where no one seems able to answer a simple question.

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I've noticed the same thing at two HF stores in my area. The store is usually a bit disheveled due to the high inventory turnover, but the employees there are always nice and on top of things. Very accommodating as well if something is out of stock and you wanted to use a coupon on it - coupon rain check, no hassles.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

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