Illinois State cops have no crime to occupy them?

We were just east of St. Louis today on I-70 with a
27' travel trailer in tow. I was following a semi doing
about 60 mph, and as he slowed down, so did I. Limit for
trucks and trailers is 55 mph in Ill. Ah! Cop coming up
behind us.
Gets about even with the semi in front of us, and
matches speed. After about two miles, he drops back to
about a car length behind us, still one lane to the left.
Hangs there for about five more miles when he hits his
This guy was apparently a moron. Kept asking me the
same questions over and over and I kept giving the same
answers over and over. Finally after about 20 minutes,
he asks to see my license and registrations, and after
barely glancing at any of it, tells me he's not going
to cite me, to drive safely and have a nice day. I
never did figure out why he pulled me over or what he
didn't cite me for. At one point he had said something
about the trailer swerving in the wind... as if that
were somehow a citable offense, but the breeze was
barely enough to rustle the leaves.
I've driven the country MANY times, north to south,
east to west, and this is the first time I've ever been
pulled over for no reason. Actually, it's the first
time I've ever been pulled over on an interstate.
The length of my hair? He's shopping for a travel
trailer and was hoping I'd offer him a tour? Out of
state plates? He was bored? During the interrogation
I was just puzzled, but afterwards, I was pissed. Where
do these little tin Jesuses get off detaining law abiding
citizens for no reason at all?
I think Illinois just formed the basis for my new
"avoid like the plague" list.
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Steve Ackman
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He was asking the same questions over and over for 20 minutes hoping that you'd screw up and give a different answer. Then you'd be a damned liar and he could go to town with you.
Good for you that you could remember what you said before.
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Tim Wescott
Its got Chicago in it. It has to be a shithole.
Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
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Gunner Asch
It has been a while since I've been stopped but the routine seems like a fishing expedition. Illinois is on my No Go List. I've been there once and I very left quickly.
What was he fishing for? Drugs most likely.
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Steve, I live in IL and have not encountered such things as you. Possibly the cops had an advisory such as "look out for a guy driving a long trailer" or some such.
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Although I am fairly curious as to the questions he kept asking over and over again, I'm more curious as to what the statement above means...
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Joe AutoDrill
Actually, I thought it was around 15 minutes, but my wife said it was closer to 20. I didn't have a stopwatch going so, who know.
"Are there two beds in that trailer?" "Where are you travelling from and to?" "Does it have... expansion?" "Are you carrying anything illegal; firearms, alcohol tobacco?" (as if those are illegal) "What do you do for a living?" "Do you own a house in NH?" "Why are you travelling?"
Too many to list them all, but those seem to be fairly representative.
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Steve Ackman
You believe it's alright for cops to just stop people at random to ask (think German accent) "Show me your papers! Sorry, your papers are in order, but I must now detain you for 20 minutes for no reason at all"
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Steve Ackman
The magic question is "Am I free to go?" As I understand the game, legally he was not detaining you, you were willingly cooperating. Ask the magic question and he has to make a decision, along with all the attendant legal baggage, of whether or not to officially detain you.
I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
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Jim Stewart
Yeah, I've driven through Illinois dozens (maybe 100) times and never had any problems like that. My guess is he was stalling while waiting for somebody to look up your records... possibly an "Amber Alert" or stolen vehicle/trailer alert that you fit somehow.
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David Courtney
In some cases those things can be illegal. I had much the same thing happen in Huntsville, Texas 15 years ago. The cop claimed he pulled us over because my wife wasn't wearing her seatbelt. She was wearing her seatbelt and as far as I can figure my crime was traveling north with out of state plates on a common drug courier route. We were detained for almost a half an hour when I refused to let him search the car. He stated he was that he is going to call a K9 officer and let the dog do it's thing. Finally, I told him the only thing I was bringing back from Texas was a bag of grapefruit and he could go ahead and search the trunk. After I opened the trunk he barely searched it and let us go. Steve
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Up North
That does sound abusive of his authority. If you recall his name, an informative letter to some authority in Illinois might be in order.
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Don Foreman
He was trying to get probable cause to search your trailer. Good thing you didn't get smart, or you would probably still be there picking up your "stuff" from the side of the highway where they threw it out when "tossing" your trailer. If I was you, I would have given him what for, and asked if his mother and father were related. If his grandpa had only one big eyebrow. Of course, that is what I would have done with YOUR ID. As for me, it's Yessir and Nosir and straight short answers. Messing with a cop makes as much sense as insulting your barber before a haircut. Have you always had a problem with authority figures?
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"Gunner Asch" wrote
With end products like Obama, Blogoyevich, etc, it speaks for itself.
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Happened to me 30 years ago on I57
It turned out we were the spitting image of someone who had just robbed a bank. The eyewitness however, was positive that they were driving a gold '63 impala not a gold '64 polara.
We were heading back from college and our trunk was full of guns and jewelery supplies. I am glad they trusted that witness. If they had popped the trunk, we probably would have ended up in Statesville.
Paul K. Dickman
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Paul K. Dickman

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