Is it a SCAM? How?

I bought an inexpensive air dryer off of Ebay recently. Well a few weeks ago. Its billed as NIB. A refirgeration style Harbor Freight model. The price was right anyway. Figured if it turned out to be a turd atleast it didn't cost me much. If I put a filter seperator right after the drier atleast I'll know if it works or not. After quite longer than I expected I hadn't seen it arrive so I sent the seller a message asking if it had shipped yet. They told me to wait the full time listed in their advertisement. (15 days) A couple days later three of them showed up at my shop. The return address is Harbor Freight in Chicago.

Not being to much of an opportunist I sent them a message asking if it was their intent to send me three of them. I never heard back from them, but a couple days later a fourth one showed up at my shop.

Of course I sent them another message asking if it was their intent to send me three.... er I mean now four of them. I still haven't heard back from them.

Other than being a Harbor Freight product is it a scam? How? I bought through Ebay using PayPal so they don't have access to my credit card info. The listing is for one item at about the highest discount level HF offers. I let them know they over shipped. I guess if they don't claim their air dryers back I'll have three of them to sell in a month or so. LOL.

Actually if the one I hook up works I had planned to buy a second one as a backup, so only two.

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If I get any money (hopefully soon), you can put me on the list, Bob.

HF stuff is _often_ junk, but every once in a while, they get something right -- like that 7.5KW genset I bought from them on a "let's see" basis, just like you did. It turns out to be JUST what it's advertised to be, holding up full output at a full 7.5KW output, and about 90% of the engine parts are directly-replaceable with Honda motor parts!


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

"Bob La Londe" fired this volley in news:nsc80a$i12$1

Heh! Funny you should mention that. One of my clients installed a quite-expensive SpeedAire 200cfm dryer and a coelescing filter downwind of it, for an automation project I'm finishing up this week.

There's ALWAYS condensation inside the filter's globe (at 75F), and a small amount of water comes out the bottom drain every day. Yet, the SpeedAire unit (supposedly) brings all incoming air down to a 34-degree (F) dewpoint... so you should NEVER see a drop in the filter until the ambient at the filter fell below 34F!

Then, again, the SpeedAire's dewpoint display shows "in the red" all the time, and the manual states clearly that if it stays in the red zone for more than 15 minutes after startup, it should be shut down to prevent compressor damage.

To that: The client has never opened the manual except to read the plumbing and wiring instructions, and isn't even _aware_ that there's a dewpoint indicator on it. So when I complain that it's not working, they say, "how much water is draining out of the filter? If it's not filling up every day, the dryer is working." REALLY? (yeah, really)

They're cutting their own throats. There's no warrantee on this machine. WITH dry air, the pneumatics can be expected to last at least four years. But with wet air, about six to eight months!

I've given up trying to inform them about their own equipment. They don't read, they don't listen, and I don't care!


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

I've purchsed stuff from either zoro or MSC that shipped in inside out, but reassembled harbor freight boxes. My guess is they just flip the HF boxes inside out at the factory for other clients. For stuff like welding clamps, the fake brand really doesn't matter in the first place.

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Cydrome Leader

I think it's just a fuck-up on their part.

The 3 extra ones do still belong to the seller, but you have no obligation to return them. You do have to make them available for the seller to claim. E.g., if the seller sent a shipping co to pick them up. In the mean time, you are entitled to a fee for their storage.

I'm sure that there is some time limit after which you can consider them abandoned and "dispose" of them. Your state law probably sets that time.


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Bob Engelhardt

I bought one of their original units years ago. Froze solid after a few hours. No air could get through. Later I saw they had a new model to correct that failure. Never tried the new one. If you want another unit, it's still here gathering dust.


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