fake air compressor aftercooler?

I broke the aftercooler off of my air compressor the other day. It's a 20c
fm import aluminum pump with a cast iron jug. While contemplating fixes I
thought about the usefulness of this aftercooler. The point of the afterco
oler is to condense moisture out of the air and keep it out of the tank. T
he way this is designed, the moisture (even if it had the capacity to conde
nse any moisture which I doubt) has no where to go. Any moisture trapped i
n the first bend would eventually turn back into vapor and make it to the t
ank. I think this aftercooler is just there for looks. It's just to make
the compressor seem more valuable to uneducated buyers (which I guess I was
). Opinions?
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An INTERcooler is useful in a two stage compressor. By getting rid of some of the heat of compression allows the 2nd stage to do more work.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
Nice point... but this is the aftercooler.
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