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Do they still make three kinds of JB Weld? If so what are they?




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AFAICT they only have one product the use the name "JB Weld" for, but they do have several other "Weld" products. Have a looksee here:

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Jeff Wisnia

A similar question is the "Goop" or "Goo" line - at various times and places 've seen "ShoeGoo", "Plumber's Goop", "Automotive Goop", and perhaps other variations - all seemed to be the same stuff; are they?

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JB Weld JB Stik weld Marine Weld Plumb-it-Kwik JB Kwik Waterweld Mirror weld Industro Weld

I count 7 (from price sheet 11/1/02)

Byt the common versions are the original slow-cure, and JB Kwik 5-minute cure. Stik Weld is the putty, #3 on the hit list.

- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX

M> Do they still make three kinds of JB Weld? If so what are they?

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Rex B

One for the Elven-kings under the sky, One for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, One kind to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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Andy Dingley

"jtaylor" wrote in news:lQDSf.14827$ snipped-for-privacy@nnrp.ca.mci.com!nnrp1.uunet.ca:

I talked to a nice lady at the company. They are all exactly the same. Talk about a slick marketing ploy.

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Ken Moffett

What if I pass it up, I'm down under! ;

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Bushy Pete

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