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I posted pics for another discussion, so might as well spread some weirdness here too. I didn't have access to a TIG welder at the time, or funds to pay someone.

I actually JB welded an aluminum cyl head on my Datsun truck. It corroded as the PO had never changed the coolant, and it undermined the metal ring under the headgasket, allowing the gasket to blow. The hole didn't actually enter the combustion chamber. I figured i would junk the truck rather than buy a head, so i used a spot-blaster to clean the metal, epoxied it and filed it smooth. It's been 4.5 years and still holding. I wouldn't have believed it, and would never have tried it on someone else's engine.

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Stupendous Man
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You tease us, then offer no 'after' pics?

There are indeed things JB weld does really well.


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I just used it to effect a similar repair on my Escort. Same issue, coolant not maintained. I was losing coolant, but not getting any CO in the coolant. (there's a neat chemical test to check for this, a mechanic friend scoped it out for me) A dropped valve seat forced the issue, and I found the head has two large openings on the intake side, the sole purpose of which appears to be to let the core sand out. These two spots on the intake manifold had deep corrosion with pits extending to the #4 hole. Which was clean as a whistle....

I expect the repair to last as long as I own the car.


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Jon Anderson

What would the world be like without JB weld and duct tape?


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Karl Townsend

No, you glued, not welded.

JB Well-Duh is common epoxy cement with a name for suckers.

Epoxy is a modern miracle. But it is not welding.

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Richard J Kinch

He didn'd say he "welded" the head, he said he "JB Welded" the head. If the stuff was called metal putty he would have said he "metal puttied" the head.

And even prior to epoxy, there were "wonder putties" that sealed up cooling leaks very well. Things like IronTite and other "boiler sealers"repaired many a cracked engine block in years gone by - some which remained in service for DECADES on the repair.

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Yes indeed.

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Pete Keillor

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