JET 1024-Y carriage feed nut

I have a Jet 1024-Y metal turning lathe.

The Carriage feed nut is worn out and needs replaced. (And a belt for that matter.)

Jet doesn't recall ever selling this lathe, and says they don't have any parts for it.

This lathe was made in Taiwan by WEY YII Enterprise, and imported and sold by JET in 1982.

WEY YII is now Microweily.

I sent email to Microweily, but have not received a reply. I suspect there may be a language barrier.

Does anyone know of a place to look for parts like this?



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David A. Webb
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I got some obsolete Jet lathe parts in '99 from SamTek Machinery, Inc., 2580 Azurite Circle, Newbury Park, CA 91320,


IIRC, they ordered the parts from Taiwan. At the time, Jet Customer Service told me SamTek had connections with the OEM's in Taiwan. According to Google , they are still around.


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R. O'Brian

contact Leigh at MarMachine catruckman@aol

He is a Jet dealer.


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