Laminated wood with embedded wire mesh

I have some very strange pieces in one box. They are the size of 4x4s,
I would say 4x4x8, made of very heavy laminated wood with some kind of
wire mess embedded between laminations. Any idea what that stuff is or
may be for?
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Wire mesh or gang nails? Gang nails are sheet galvanized steel that has sharpened tabs pressed out on both sides. Perhaps 1/2 inch long. They are applied between the laminations in place of gluing the laminates together.
Does that seem like what you have?
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Paul Drahn
No, the wood is laminated, laminations are 1/8 inch thick or so, and between laminations there is wire mesh at each layer, the whole pie is 4 inches thick.
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Weird. If the warp of the mesh runs parallel to the grain of the wood it would lend considerable strength to the beam, but it seems an odd way to make a metal/wood composite.
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Tim Wescott
Can't say otomh, certainly...picture might help as, perhaps, would some hints as to where the samples were obtained as might give a klew as to usage domain, anyway...
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Could they be wall studs for a Faraday Cage room such as in an MRI installation, or a Top Secret computer room?
I had to pierce a Faraday Cage wall with some coax at the Army's ballistic missile defense computer room in Huntsville AL once. Not a fun thing. Was part of installing a new Cray Y-MP to replace a CDC 7600.
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Indeed. And if it were to be used as a beam, it would more likely have a thin-rectangle cross section. A 4 x 4 is much more likely to be used as a post and reinforcing wouldn't help much/at-all with compressive strength.
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Bob Engelhardt
Only thing I can think of right now is that the mesh is supposed to keep fr agments from flying in case of catastrophic failure. Like maybe structures hit with tornado or hurricane-force winds. It WOULD help to know where th e stuff came from. Would make hellacious roofing beams.
Faraday cage idea is out, the mesh would have to be grounded or bonded to o ther bits, not embedded in wood.
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