Fine steel mesh

I'm after some stainless steel wire mesh with a hole size of 100
microns but everyone I've tried has minimum order sizes and that would
give me a square metre for about 50 quid plus up to 20 quid delivery.
I wanted to try 200, 100 and 50 microns but only want pieces 6 inches
by 14 inches. I'm tempted to order a square metre of 100 micron mesh
since I think that's going to be the one I want but though I'd better
ask if someone has an idea of a supplier who will do the small pieces
I'm near Tadcaster in N Yorkshire if that's any help but I'm not very
mobile at the moment.
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Rodney Pont
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I have never used them, so I don't know what the minimum order is, but you could try G Bopp & Co
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Kevin Steele
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and search for guaze. Standard size of a piece is 6"x6", but site says that larger sizes are available.
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Thanks to everyone who replied, by email as well. I have some pieces coming now and I've bookmarked the sites since I like the 'goodies'.
I'm trying to build a self cleaning pond filter but the wifes tights keep stretching when the spraybar comes round to clean them :-)
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