Large quantity rod storage?

Ive somewhere around 1500 lb+s of various welding rods.
Probably 30% of it is open
Anyone have any good ideas about how to store a big assed pile of
boxed/canned/tubed electrodes?
Id considered a non working refridgerator...but they are too small and
anything basicly made out of plastic....aint going to be strong
enough. Or big enough.
Come to think of it..I also have at least 300lbs of various mig wire,
steel, stainless and aluminum.
Summer time, low humidity and high temps are not a problem. Foggy and
humid winters IS an issue.
I dont worry too much about the Lo/Hi rods getting too wet, as they
are seldom ever used in applications concerned with embrittlement, but
having secure storage without the rod ends rusting..IS a concern.
Any ideas/Suggestions using or converting something scroungable?
Or making something from scratch?
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Large dia PVC pipes, cut to length, with threaded end caps? Easy to put together in a "wine-rack" style shelf. Air-tight, water-tight, dead easy to access and to construct to your custom needs.
I believe some of my countrymen use them to store other stuff in hostile conditions.
-- Jeff R.
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Jeff R.
I though about getting an old van from a junk yard to store my wood in. I have a pile of cherry and oak and the like. I figure it didn't even need an engine. I could paint it black and drag it out behind the shed. Cost nothing for the right one. For some reason I couldn't sell the wife on it.
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Look for some mil surplus storage containers. Ammo cans are probably too small for 3/4 of a ton quantity, but I have seen some (surplus center I think) where the long dimension is a couple of feet or more. They have sealed lids that are easy to open, add some desiccant bags and you are good to go.
Carl Boyd
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The best rod storage I ever had (cheap) was an old refrigeratior. I just wired the light to burn all the time and plugged in a 100w bulb. Did a terrific job with even the low hyd. Some of the plastic puckered a bit from the warmth, but was never much more than 110 degrees or so. You could always "bare hand" the rods.
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Cheap, scroungeable, and metal, with a heater?
Sounds like an electric oven, can use the existing light, or wire up a thermostat to the heater element and run it on 110.. A little cut and fit, with some plywood, and it makes a decent benchtop.
Try the Free or Wanted areas of Craigs List or Freecycle. Or your local metal scrap yard.
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Mechanical Magic
Yard sales and imagination. Lots of things that would work. Maybe an old dead or cheap toaster oven with the heating element taken out? Get creative and stay CHEAP!
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hmm .. electric smoker? If you search CL for a smoker, be sure to select the check box that says "search titles only" or you'll get a million hits on something from "a non-smoker house".
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Grant Erwin
I would recommend something that is well insulated or could easily be well insulated. A small fridge is well enough insulated you could run a 25w bulb, or perhaps thermostaticly control it. The fridge I did with a 100w continious was a full size unit, and it was amost too much to leave on all the time.
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If i was being sarcastic i would take two options.
1.Post packages and lighten the load into Usenet unless you expect to be depositing 3/4 of a ton of weld in the forseeable future (I dont see there being many shipyards in Taft)
2 20 foot shipping container. in your climate you will not have the moisture issues i do.
the going rate for a used 20 footer up here is $2K so it might be a tad on the expensive side although canada does not have the same giant "container surplus" the west coast of the US is rumoured to have.
otherwise i would recommend old chest freezers. you SHOULD be able to find coolant leaked units for the price of collecting them. If they get "Castrated" and get the compressor and so on removes they are pretty light as a unit.
Basically they become exactly waht you want... the worlds biggest "tupperware" container
scrounging a few dead freezers or fridges with the shelves built in seems like a perfect fit. the seals on them RARELY fail and they are usually considered worthless once the compressor or gas is emptied
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Just get a high current time of day switch at Radio Shack or the like and plug it in. Run a hour then off for 5 so the time is 1:6. That should do it and not kill the budget. Might want to do every other or third hour if you are using sticks all the time.
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