Laser on silver plated copper alloy

We intend to use laser to cut and trim semiconductor type of
leadframe. Unfortunately, the leadframes we have are all silver
plated. Is there a way to laser cut silver plated frames by not remove
it's plating ?
How to control burrs after cutting. Look like burr after laser is
horrible. The type of gas we are using is oxygen. It's burrs got to do
with the type of gas we used ? Thanks.
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Hi steamer
Any idea where can I buy the AWJ. We need to drill small holes (0.2mm diameter) on 15 mils thick copper. Do you think A. Jet is possible ? The stamper wouldn't want to stamp as the holes is too small for them. For 15 mil thick material, they want holes to be at lease 0.4 mm.
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--Sounds like what you're in need of is a DAC table. This is a bridge-type CNC rig that's specifically intended to drill PC boards. Last I heard the company was based in Carpinteria, CA.
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