LED bicycle light converted fron Flashlight

My custom lighting system is on my web site
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I have thumbnail links to the
steps used to convert a 15 led flashlight from three D cells to three
AA cells. I think that the life will be about one third that of the D
cell. I will run a test soon. In the meanwhile carrying spare
rechargeable AA for my GPS is normal. I will try my 2000mAh NMH
rechargeable in the light soon.
I machined PVC pipe and fitting and the ID of the 1-inch EL to fit the
OD of the flashlight. The battery tube is ½ schedule 40 pvc the OD was
turned to fit inside ¾ schedule 40 pvc. This piece fits inside the ¾
inch end of the 1-inch to ¾ inch EL.
There is enough space along side the batteries in the battery tube to
slide a strip of brass along side the batteries. A ¼ inch wide piece
of pvc is glued to the open end; the other end is tapped for a
3/8-pipe plug. A spring is made that is cone shaped. A wire is
soldered to it and pull past the ¼ inch bar so that the spring rests
on the bar.
A piece of heat shrink tubing is places on the strip of brass near the
end that passes the spring. The other end is long enough to bend over
the positive cap of the battery, but not touch the opposite wall. A
wire is soldered below the heat shrink.
The flashlight is cut below the switch; I cut at the top of the grip
material. The positive wire is soldered to the center tap on the
flashlight. The other wire is passed through a hole in the large
section of the EL below the machine area.
The wire was long enough, now the flashlight is put in the EL. Drill
and tap nears the edge so that the tap goes through both. Put a screw
in the hole; wrap the wire around the screw so that a ground is made
with the case on the flashlight.
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