source for large metal wheels?

I'm going to need two large wheels, minimum 4 feet in diameter preferrably larger but no more than 6' diameter. Something off

1915-vintage tractors maybe, I dunno. The things need to be steel on the outer rim so I can weld spikes to them. Making a gizmo to haul trees over very rough mountain terrain. Anybody have any ideas where I can find such wheels? I'd really prefer not to have to attempt fabricating them from scratch. tia.
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Sounds like wheels off a hayrake! Try some farms in your area. Good Luck!

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David Smith

Search the news groups for old tractors. they should be able to help. Such wheels are still used on modern wheeled loaders but they will be expensive.


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John Manders

I got a set you can have IF you take the whole rake. And cut down all the trees that have grown up through it.


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Karl Townsend

Wheels like that can be made using a bender similar to a Hossfelt and a welder. If you are up for that, I will post more info. Dan

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Dan Caster

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larry g

If there's a ski lift nearby,see about those cable 'pulleys' used to pull people up/down the hill. A friend got an old pair for hauling them away. About 5 feet diameter,great bearings,etc. he wants to make a waterwheel with them..... hth jay

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j.b. miller

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