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I'm looking for a 8x1.25 left hand cap screw to replace the one I broke. It fastens the saw blade to a Craftsman cut-off saw. While I could order from Sears I not only resent the $5.99 for the single bolt but I resent the $6.99 shipping charge. I notice that I could buy a whole box of 100 from McMaster Carr for about $5, but, not left hand. I cannot find left hand hardware on any of the popular (MSC, KBC, etc.) sites. My thinking was that I might as well order from one of the above, throw in some end mills ect., and still pay the same shipping. Any help on how to find Metric L.H. at the above sites appreciated. It's easy to find L.H. SAE on McMaster but not Metric. Help!! I use this cut-off saw for metal!!!

Ivan Vegvary

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Try Googling the part number. Sears rebrands tools from other manufacturers; most parts are available from the original manufacturer or aftermarket.

Like you, I don't like paying Sears prices, especially the shipping and handling....


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Dave Young

Sears doesn't make screws or saws. Somebody has these. Try a fastener supplier that specializes in metrics.

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Rick wrote: I'm looking for the same bolt for a Harbor Freight saw and can't find any. What was the part number or the Sears bolt or the model number of the chop saw? Thanks for the help.


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