Like New LAGUN FTV-1 on eBay $1 N/R

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Absolutely LIKE NEW! And you know...I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.


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Steven Haerr - CNCTrader Corp
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For those of you on rec.crafts.metalworking..Steve runs a good business and is an honorable man to do business with. Ive refered a number of buyers to him over the past several years and they have been happy.


" ..The world has gone crazy. Guess I'm showing my age... I think it dates from when we started looking at virtues as funny. It's embarrassing to speak of honor, integrity, bravery, patriotism, 'doing the right thing', charity, fairness. You have Seinfeld making cowardice an acceptable choice; our politicians changing positions of honor with every poll; we laugh at servicemen and patriotic fervor; we accept corruption in our police and bias in our judges; we kill our children, and wonder why they have no respect for Life. We deny children their childhood and innocence- and then we denigrate being a Man, as opposed to a 'person'. We *assume* that anyone with a weapon will use it against his fellowman- if only he has the chance. Nah; in our agitation to keep the State out of the church business, we've destroyed our value system and replaced it with *nothing*. Turns my stomach- " Chas , rec.knives

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"Steven Haerr - CNCTrader Corp" wrote in news:

That looks like an incredibly good machine.

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And my buddy has a batch of these, and says they are actually BETTER than a branded Bridgeport. He'd take these any day, and they cost less new. Great deal at this point for somebody in the LA area.

Take care.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

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