Little Bigger Small Plastic Injection Machine

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for crude testing, but resin flows easier than thermo plastic so its not a "good" test. I still need to be able to do proper testing and of course I want my customers to be successful with their projects. If they make money they come back and spend more money.
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short pot life that I'd have to take some care about my order of steps. Of course I could shop around for some longer pot life resins.
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Facebook. Can't hurt to check my options. There's always the chance somebody local has a little bigger toy.
further assumed that you could pre-mix the thickener into the resin with no time constraint before adding the hardener. Course, you know all about ASSuming . Just a suggestion.
opposed to a full time commercial shop. Even if you don't find a suitable local machine you can get time on, maybe you can get some new customers for molds or general machining if they have needs they can't handle themselves.
No offense taken. Just illustrating that your ASSumptions were correct. LOL
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