Little Machine Shop!

First a disclaimer:

I do not now nor have I ever worked for Little Machine Ship. Although I live about 120 miles south of LMS I have never visited their store! I have never spoken directly with any employee of LMS! My only contact with them has been on-line. I have never complemented an on-line seller before, anywhere (this is my first after being on-line since the early 90's)!

I just received my 5th order from Little Machine Shop:

In every case their service has been beyond reproach. Order was received (in every case) without backorder and exactly as presented in their catalog.

Shipping IS EXCEPTIONAL. The order that I received today (33lbs+) was ordered in the afternoon of Sep. 04, 2007 and received in the afternoon of Sep. 06, 2007.

In every case my order was received by the 3rd day without any additional surcharge.

Prices are in the middle of the road with some amazing exceptions. Some tools (20pc end mill set for example) are much less and better quality than the Harbor Freight equal.

They can't be beaten for mini-lathe, mini&micro-mill replacement parts!

Had to post this, I'm so impressed with Little Machine Shop!!

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I have dealt with them about 4 times and always had excellent service. The website is also better than average, stuff is easy to find and most questions about fit and compatibility are answered right there.

The owner is also very knowledgeable and helpful. All in all en example of what business ought to be and use to be before corporate greed screwed up everything.


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Only a two hour drive away. And you never been there?

Shake yourself loose man! What were you thinking?


I have not dealt with them directly yet, but they do seem a pretty class outfit, from the looks of what I have seen and heard.

Cheers Trevor Jones

(who has driven four hours to go to an auction sale, more than once!)

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Trevor Jones

Are you sure you're name isn't Al "Little"? :) Randy

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Randy Replogle

Me too. I have ordered from them several times always great service...Rog

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Roger Jensen

They are definitely a class act.

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

Due to MSC's prices and Enco's snotty reaction to my computer's rather high security settings, I've been buying from the smaller outfits and so far have had very good luck with them.


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Jim Wilkins

Me, too. I've ordered online and bought from them in person at Cabin Fever and NAMES. Great people, great products.


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Carl Byrns

I concur. LMS has really gone out of the way to make me happy... more than I'd ever have expected from anyone.

I hope to get there personally one of these days.


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Maxwell Lol

And you have not been there? You driving a Hummer? ;)

A lot of that depends on where UPS points are in relation to you and the seller. On a good day

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is overnite on ground shipping. Two days worst case.

I shop Meijers and Walmart for food and such. Walmart seldom has deals but Meijers does. On a day Meijers doesn't have a deal Walmart is cheaper. Some call that 'loss leaders', something to get you in the door and hopefully make it up on the extras you buy.

They do seem focused on that segment of metalworking so I do not doubt you on that.

It is always nice to be able to say these are great people to deal with instead of these rat bastards fcuked me over.

For the record, enco and msc are pretty good. McMaster-Carr takes two days but 4.95 is the ups on light items. At the price of gas today and even having a 35 mpg automobile, it is cheaper to order a 3 dollar item I need and have them send it to me rather than drive 44 miles to the nearest city that may or may not have it.


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LMS needs to open a new MMS division for us folks with slightly larger machines.

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Pete C.

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