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I am looking for a used generator/welder. Any advice on what to look for. I do mostly mig and some arc. Generally 1/4" or less. I want to justify as a back up generator for home here in rural Wisconsin. Please state condition and price if you have one you are willing to sell. Thanks, Bob

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There may be such a beast, but all the G/W I know need accessories to do MIG (ie, it may have a CV mode, but usually won't include the whole wirefeeder, gas solenoid, etc...). I suspect you can get a Genny that will run a MIG, and the MIG for less $ than a G/W + Mig Accessories, since I priced the MIG setup for my G/W and it cost more than an average MIG. As Ernie frequently says, you could always get a ReadyWelder instead, and I just might do that eventually, since it's 1/3 the price of the factory MIG setup.

Having bought an Air-Cooled Gasoline 3600 RPM G/W, I'd stongly suggest trying to get a watercooled diesel 1800 or 1200 rpm unit if you expect to run it much - the gasoline is inefficient, aircooled 3600 rpm is loud, even with an extra muffler on it. Unless you have Natural Gas and don't plan to move the setup, in which case watercooled low speed NG would make sense. Costs more, of course.

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