looking for small break shear

Can anyone suggest a small 24 to 36 inch break/shear that is of good quality for hobby use? I want to build boxes and cases for computer and stereo stuff. Thanks noel sorry if this is a second post, windows crashed during the first post send.

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The only thing I know of in that size that will do both is something like this:

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It's currently on sale in their stores for $270. They also have a 40 inch version but it's $500 and I've never seen it on sale.

I believe Enco has their 30" on sale for $290 but shipping will be steep because it weighs about 300 lb. :-(

I don't have one but I'm thinking about buying the 30" while it's on sale. I'd really prefer the 40" because I want to be able to do 36" work but since it never seems to be on sale it's nearly twice the price.

You might want to ask if anyone here has experience with either. Plus, here's a link to a Google search for prior posts:

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