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>================================================================== > > MINOR PLANET 2003 XJ7 ZOOMS BY > >This AstroAlert is being issued right about the time another asteroid >has entered Earth-Moon space. The object will pass just 150,000 >kilometers from Earth -- 40 percent of the distance to the Moon -- >around 19:04 Universal Time December 6th (today). It will then be >racing 0.4 degree per MINUTE across Canis Major, heading south. > >The interloper was first picked up only yesterday by the LINEAR >minor-planet survey in Socorro, New Mexico. Some 19 hours later, >amateur astronomer Peter Birtwhistle of West Berkshire, England, >reimaged it with his 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. He has >posted an animated GIF on his Web site at >
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>LINEAR's and Birtwhistle's measurements allowed Kyle E. Smalley of the >Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to compute details of >the flyby. In announcing the find on an electronic circular late last >night, the center designated the object 2003 XJ7. The Minor Planet >Center's Web site is at
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>Smalley calculates that 2003 XJ7 is heading toward the Sun in an orbit >inclined 18 degrees to the ecliptic. Every 1.38 years it ranges from >1.82 astronomical units (just beyond Mars's orbit) inward to 0.66 a.u. >(the orbit of Venus) and back out again. > >Only a half dozen asteroids have ever been observed to pass this close >to Earth. The closest of all, 2003 SQ222, came within 78,000 km of >Earth's surface in late September. While 2003 XJ7 will miss by almost >twice this distance, it is a much larger body -- perhaps 20 meters >across. > >Because 2003 XJ7 could be potentially hazardous to Earth at some >future approach, refining knowledge of its orbit is urgent before it >becomes lost in solar glare during the early hours of December 7th >(UT). Experienced amateurs who can make astrometric measurements >should submit them to the Minor Planet Center -- but you haven't got >much time! Southern Europe and Africa may be the last places on Earth >from which the object can be imaged as it recedes. > >For the next few hours, the ephemeris below gives the asteroid's rough >equinox-2000.0 right ascension and declination, distance from Earth, >and visual magnitude. But because it is passing so close, it can >appear shifted as much as 2 degrees by parallax. Would-be observers >should use the Minor Planet Center's online Ephemeris Service to >obtain its exact trajectory as seen from their own geographical >location. > >Roger W. Sinnott >Senior Editor >SKY & TELESCOPE > >================================================ >2003 UT R.A. Decl. Delta Mag. > h h m o a.u. >Dec 6 15 06 14 +28.6 0.0019 13.9 >Dec 6 16 06 24 +21.3 0.0016 13.5 >Dec 6 17 06 36 +10.4 0.0013 13.3 >Dec 6 18 06 54 -05.9 0.0011 13.3 >Dec 6 19 07 19 -27.2 0.0010 13.6 >Dec 6 20 07 58 -48.5 0.0011 14.5 >Dec 6 21 08 59 -63.8 0.0013 15.5 >Dec 6 22 10 32 -72.1 0.0016 16.6 >Dec 6 23 12 18 -74.9 0.0019 17.5 >Dec 7 00 13 42 -74.6 0.0022 18.2 > > >================================================================== >AstroAlert is a free service of SKY & TELESCOPE, the Essential >Magazine of Astronomy
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