Looking to buy a new tig/stick welder

Since I can't seem to find a used one for $9.95,
I'm looking for a new tig welder. I really
like the specs and reviews that the Thermal Arc
Pro-wave 185TSW is getting. I'd like to keep
the price under $2000 and the power in the 200
amp range.
Are there any other competitors to the Thermal
Arc that I should look at?
What's a good auto-darkening helmet for a reasonable
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Jim Stewart
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I have a TA-185. Fantastic machine. Have a look at the Lincoln Precision Tig 185. This wasn't on the market when I was looking, but is well worth considering now.
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Just in case if you are alluding to me... My CyberTig 200 actually cost me $19.99. $9.99 was my winning bid, but I gave the seller extra $10 simply because he was so nice and helpful and gave me a remote control.
Re: helmets. I have used Harbor Freight autodarkening adjustable helmet and so far, it is working fine.
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Yeah, rub it in some more.
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You are definitely good at finding bargains. How about helping Jim find one in exchange for some welding instruction?
Per previous comment re MIG: It is indeed possible for a beginner to make "pretty" welds with no strength using MIG. It is also possible to make ugly welds with some strength with stick. Neither is a good weld. Beginners don't make good welds, but they'll be making good welds sooner with MIG (and some instruction) than they will with stick. Both take practice.
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Don Foreman

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