Machine shop videos

I learned some basic machining skills years ago when I worked as a
welder, but I would like to become more skilled on the lathe and
milling machine.
I live in New York City, and the local community colleges no longer
seem to offer machine shop classes, so I was thinking about buying some
video tapes - perhaps even the expensive set from
formatting link
- in order fill in some of the gaps in
my knowledge.
My goal is only to become skilled and comfortable with these tools at
the hobbyist level - I'm not seeking employment as a machinist.
Has anyone bought the tapes above, or any others that you think might
be worthwhile as an aid to learning basic or intermediate machining?
Many thanks,
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Tony Rentschler
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Hi, I saw your posting about machine shop videos. I don't know the answer. The reason I am replying is that I also live in NYC and I am also having a lot of trouble finding out about opportunities to learn about metal work and to use metal working equipment. You're the first person on rec.crafts.metalworking who I know lives in NYC.
Anyway, maybe we can share information if we ever get any.
I don't have enough room to do any work, so there is no point at this stage in getting any equipment. Are you in a similar situation, trying to do it in an apartment, or do you have some kind of shed or basement or garage where you can do some work? Also, have you located any local groups that have any interest in metal work? I did a google search and located a NYC group that does modeling of subway trains. They might have some metalworking skills. I found out about them a while ago but kept hoping for some actual shop courses and then forgot about them until this moment.
Sincerely, Allan Adler
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Allan Adler
I have a small workshop in Brooklyn (DUMBO). I rent the space from a cabinet maker who has an old lathe and mill, but neither of us knows how best to make use of these tools - hence my original post.
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Tony Rentschler
Try Brooklyn Tech (Brooklyn Technical High School) They probably have classes available ....
The last time I was teaching, mechanical drawing, there they had belt driven equipment, off an overhead powershaft. ;-) that was in 1975- 7.
You might also try Stuyvesent High School...
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Sam Soltan
Tony and Allen,
You might want to get a subscription to "The Home Shop Machinist and "Machinist's Workshop" or you can find them at a local magazine/book store. There are also many fine books out there. They are advertised in both magazines. These may help you get started. Also check out the links to the many websites that pretain to metal working. Check this one out
formatting link
. I hop this helps some.
Regards, Bernd
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were is the dumbo area. i am familiar with williamsburg. you could try some of the dealers that deal in wholesale like magrill near williamsburg bridge. nyc library should be able to loan you some video, might have to place an order.
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