Maglie LED Conversion Failure & Repair

A while back I got a regular 2AA Maglite to use at work. Then I stuck
in a TerraLUX Luxeon upgrade kit. Very swanky, I use it all the time
and carry it around in my pocket all day at work.
One thing looked flaky to me from the start: the reflector presses
down on the shoulder of the LED itself when you screw the reflector down
to switch off the flashlight. The whole reflector screwdown to switch
off thing sucks anyway. There's nothing to keep you from overtorquing
the head and smashing the reflector, and every time you drop it, that
shock goes straight to the most sensitive parts of the flashlight.
This resulted in a two-part failure. First, the glue holding the LED
to the circuit failed. Then the tabs broke off of the LED. A few weeks
ago I noticed that i had to shake the flashlight pretty violently
sometimes to switch it on, and it was far less tolerant of low
batteries. Finally, it died altogether and when I took off the
reflector, the LED fell out!
First, glue on LED. All I had was Krazy glue, so Krazy glue is what
I used. Just a drop under the LED and stuck it on. I don't know how
well it tolerates heat.
The tabs broke off about a millimeter out from the LED case. So I
blobbed solder onto the old solder blobs on the board then rotated the
whole assembly to that the blob was up top. Then reheated the blob
until it more or less fell onto the LED. Worked like a charm, stuck
right to what was left. Cool off, flip over, repeat.
I let it sit for a few minutes, then I put a bead of Krazy glue all
around the LED's base except where the solder was to make sure it won't
Used it today, no problems. But I'm ordering a new one anyway, this
time with a tailcap switch. I don't trust Krazy glue.
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It tolerates heat like an acrylic plastic, being that's what it is.
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Richard J Kinch
On the mini mags I have converted I picked up tail cap switches. Then shimmed the switch ON and tightened the reflector down. The one on my dogs leash has been through just about any mishap it could get. Still working great.
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Steve W.

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