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I am in the market for a chop saw and my decision is down to a Makita and a Makita. Does anyone know the advantage of a Makita model 2414B over the 2414NB. They appear to be the same chop saw but the 2414B has a fancy double action pivot mechanism and costs $60 more.

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I sell the 2414B at work. I've never seen the NB however we tend not to buy the *lesser* of two similar models. I just looked at the parts breakdown for both units. The B seems to have a much more beefy pivot. This will become an issue if you use the saw a lot.

You can replace any part of your saw when it wears out, of course, but you will be without the saw until you can get the part. The bracket on the NB seems to be a stamped component whereas the B seems to have a cast bracket. May result in more accurate cuts over the life of the saw as well as a more rigid machine...




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