Mesniti and Ningirsu : Ancient Workers in Metal

I wrote a book that I'm sure some of you will find very interesting. It ap
pears that Iron (meteoric) working goes back to the edge of the Pleistocene
and Holocene period, 13,000 years ago. To my deductive reasoning this is
the time of the Deluge and great fire from the sky legends that ultimately
formed the Carolina Bays and killed 35+ mega-fauna in North America such as
the Saber Toothed Cat and the Mammoth. The Mesniti (Egyptian) and Ningirs
u (Babylonian) are said to be antediluvian, with the former coming from the
Red Sea "valley" and the latter probably from the Persian Gulf "valley" as
the sea level rose when the sky cleared after the catastrophe. The book i
s mainly extracts from old scholarly books about mythology, religion, and a
stronomy in which I read over 120 of for the research project. I believe t
hat the ancient mythology evolved through time, transforming super bolide
explosions into lightning and the Zodiacal Light (the snake with its tail i
n its mouth) into the rainbow. It also includes many of the best myths fro
m around the world from Russia to New Zealand and from cuneiform to hierogl
yphic translations.
It got the green light via Lightning Source / Ingramspark late Friday and I
'm unsure how long it will take to be available from the global retailers.
It will have to be ordered from them because at the moment I'm not willing
to discount it enough to be in physical book stores. I would like to sell
them direct within the continental USA eventually, but have yet to figure
out all the details like being able to process Master Card and Visa Cards.
I have a Pay Pal account . . . , it's kind of like a 'Onward through the f
og.' moment. Promoting it should take most of my spare time while the reta
ilers get going. I have no plans of ever converting it for e-readers and c
ontent with Europe, Australia, and the USA where the publisher has Print On
Demand facilities wherein the shipping cost for the customer is negligible
The Perfect Bound paperback book is 380 pages with approximately 200 black
and creme illustrations. The cost is $20 USD plus shipping. THE DEEP OCEA
Or search "the deep ocean above" ISBN # 978-0-692-46986-6
The global tracker needs more dots. Thanks Bard Madsen
Happy Summer Solstice ; propitiate the Sun with a bonfire time. Be gone wi
th Winter and let Summer begin. Sorry Southern Hemisphere, at least the Su
n will start rising.
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