RCN Aircraft colors and markings

Does anyone know of a good reference on the RCN's aircraft colors and markings?

Also did the RCN also use the Extra Dark Sea Gray over Sky scheme like the FAA? And if so when did that change to Extra Dark Sea Gray over Light Gray?



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Check out the 'Canadian Colour Guide', on the IPMS "Buzz" Buerling site

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That should help answer your questions re the colours. It not only has digital colour chips & a text description for each, but in the 'photos' link in the 'guide', there are a few showing RCN aircraft.


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Scott Hemsley

Except, however, that the source indicated gives an answer to your specific question that is probably incorrect. There was a debate for many years on whether early postwar RCN aircraft were painted Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky and, contrary to the IPMS site, the eventual consensus was that they were not. Rather, they were painted Extra Dark Sea Grey over a lighter shade of gray, probably pretty close to US Navy Light Gull Gray (at least that is what I use on my models), switching to Medium Sea Grey (what the IPMS-C site calls "Light Grey") concurrently with the switch to the later roundel with no yellow ring and the different style of maple leaf.

To answer your first question, No, there is not an authoritative reference on RCN colors and markings; your best bet is to collect the Leo Pettipas books now being republished by the Shearwater air museum and make what deductions you can from the extensive, but all b&w, photos therein.


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August Horvath

Just to clarify my previous post: The RCN did fly aircraft with Sky undersides to the extent that aircraft were received from Britain in this color and not repainted. This amounted to the following:

Seafire XV: Received from UK in EITHER Extra Dark Sea Grey + Slate Grey tops and sides, Sky undersides; OR Extra Dark Sea Grey tops and sides, Sky undersides; in both cases, UK (Type C) roundels retained, aft fuselage lettering changed from "Royal Navy" to "Royal Canadian Navy".

Firefly: Same as above. However, in some cases, received from UK with Extra Dark Sea Grey uppers, Sky sides and undersides. These a/c were briefly operated in this scheme with no change to the FAA (Type D) roundels or fuselage legend, indeed, no indication at all of Canadian ownership.

Sea Fury: Some received with solid Extra Dark Sea Grey tops and sides, Sky undersides; operated with small blue maple leaf painted inside red disc of FAA (Type C) roundel and fuselage legend changed to "Royal Canadian Navy." Some were received with Sky sides and Type D roundels but it does not appear they were actually operated in these colors.

The undersides on all types were changed to light grey as mentioned in my previous post when they went to the first true RCN paint scheme, having the yellow-rimmed RCN roundel with red leaf.


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August Horvath

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