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What are the correct colors for the Tamiya M3 Grant 3 color scheme? The instructions call for light yellow, red brown, and the third color is a

50/50 mix of the red brown & light yellow. But the box art looks like a light yellow, red brown, and dark brown color. I know if I mix red brown & light yellow I will not get a dark brown! What are the correct colors used? It is the 1942 desert scheme, and some online references call for light stone for the light yellow color, but I cannot figure out which colors to use for the camouflage. Thanks, Dave
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"Dave" wrote


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Kurt Laughlin

Hi Kurt, I had already seen that site, that lead to my question about the colors ussed in mid 1942. They have detailed color descriptions of colors used from 1939-1941, but for 1942 all that is said is as follows: "1942. Over Light Stone 61 the single colour disruptive was still in force although many units did not employ it whilst others used a variety of schemes, designs and colours, some with black and/or white outlining."

so the colors used in mid 1942 are speculative, maybe I will be safe using RAF dark earth as one of the colors.



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