PINGING Grant Erwin

Grant, is there any way you can take a picture of the cylinder
plumbing or maybe draw me up a diagram and let me know which cylinder
to get from Surplus Center? Thanks for your help, Steve
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It would be great if the info could be posted here and the drawing put in the drop box so we could all see it if Grant is willing and has the time.
Michael no xx's in address
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Michael Cameron
I answered this once already, I think my ISP is losing some messages. Anyway, have a look at
formatting link
it is the dreaded PDF format but this is a full document including a fair amount of text explaining the picture.
Michael Camer> Steve wrote in message ...
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Grant Erwin
I too used to dread the .pdf format. But then I bought a scanner abd the software disc included Acrobat v.5 While online one day I went to a site with a .pdf and was going to donload as a file and open it later with acrobat. I was pleasantly suprise to find that when Clicked on the .pdf, acrobat opened automatically (inside aol) and downloaded and displayed the file, which I happily printed. Now no more .pdf dread!
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Bob Miller

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