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My current model suggest I use Humbrol paints, however the Humbrol colors it refers to apparantly no longer exist. My color charts don't give any reference to identical colors by other manufacturers, so here's hoping someone here knows either where to get these colors, or how to mix em up:

H162 surface grey H115 matt russian blue H205 fluorescent matt fire orange

Tx for any info

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hmm, an idea of mine is to trawl the modelshops as widely as you can. the first time i went to the modelshop in hinckley bus station, i was able to get a pot of h??? us marine corps green. some shops often have a rummage box of old and deleted paints and thats a good place to look.

only slightly OT, but the hasegawa F/A-18C 'Chippy Ho!' decals [the set with the USMC VMFA-232 markings], how does one match the colors used on the tail?

answers to r.m.s ta!


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