Metal Plating Expert Needed


!! Please Read the Following - This Is A Great Opportunity !!

My name is Cory Friedman and I'm part of a group of serious internet marketers. Recently, we've discovered a large area in the metal plating market in which people are "starving" for information on the topic of "how to do their own metal plating".

We've already done all the market research and we're certain that this will be a success.

This Is Why We Desperately Need A Metal Plating Expert

Here's the deal, in summary, what we're going to be doing is conducting a relatively short audio interview (right over the internet/phone) that will actually become the information product to be sold.

You (the expert) will be given a list of about 50 questions (before hand) that people searching "how to do metal plating" related searches (in Google) actually typed in and searched for.

These are the same people that acutally asked us these qustions after visiting our online survey and therefore indicated to us that this was indeed a market hungry for information.

You will let me know before hand if there are any questions you may have trouble answering.

In the interview, (when we record), I will be asking the questions and you (the expert) will be ansering the questions. All in all this should be a simple activity and it shouldn't take more than 30 or so mintues. Here's what's in it for you:

You will get 50% of all the profits from sales of the information product (an audio file download). The product will sell for around $39.99 via a direct sales website, with a killer sales-letter that could easily make many sales every day.

This could easily mean thousands of dollars for you every month for only a tiny ammount of time and effort on your part.

EMAIL me: or CALL me: 973-699-2397 if you're interested. You stand a lot to gain from a very small effort.

Regards, Cory Friedman

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Wow, meta-spam from a spammer trying to find spamming partners... sell a "howto" tape on how to spam about spamming...

...which gives nothing other than a google search...

...and provide no real value...

How about you just f*ck right off, Cory? You provide zero value to anyone, and the oxygen you're consuming could be put to better use.

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Dave Hinz

Geez, if you're such a hot researcher, cory, why don't you do what most anyone else is going to do- google it. Then you can have 100% of the take, what an opportunity.

Interesting last sentence; "You stand a lot to gain from a very small effort." Is that some sort of Freudian slip?


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There is already an excellent reference available for $20, with pictures, diagrams and charts.

Uh huh! All you'd need is a bank account # to start that flood of easy money, right?

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Don Foreman

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