Metalworker's paradise

The ad for the yard sale said something like "Dining Room Table
and Chairs, office furniture and supplies" and almost as an
afterthought at the bottom "machine shop."
The sale started at 9 a.m.
I arrived at 7.
It turned out to be a place here in Charlottesville called the
"Institute of Textile Technology" and they're closing up. Turns out
they had a small machine shop keeping their batch of demo looms and
such going.
While Institute employees had already purchased the lathes and
Bridgeport, the supply crib, tooling and layout stuff was wide open.
I've always wanted a Starrett six foot straightedge but couldn't
justify the expense. I now have one for the princely sum of $10.
One of the more interesting items was a neat Swiss precision drill
guide for drilling cylindrical stuff. Called a "Reglus, " it mounts on
a mill or drill press and consists of a v-block surrounded by knurled
knobs, stops etc. You can add other attachments for drilling balls,
eccentrics, etc.
As its literature says: "Work which hitherto could be carried out
only by skilled operators, may now be executed on the Reglus apparatus
by untrained people or girls!"
I figured I must fit in there somewhere so I plunked down $15.
Anybody ever heard of this animal?
I forked out too much for the collections of fasteners, setscrews,
snap rings, tapered pins and Greenfield dies (O.K. Junior) but at the
end of the day the damage was $100 and I had one of the best times
I'm going back tomorrow for all the reamers and shell mills. They
wanted a buck a piece for unused straight flute chucking reamers so I
only bought four or five.
Perhaps I can buy them all tomorrow for $10.
My biggest mistake was probably in not writing a $500 check and
attempting to buy the whole lot. There was so much old Starrett stuff,
toolpost grinders, etc. that I might have e-bayed a bunch and made
some money. But in many ways it was more of a kick watching the other
guys come in and realize they had finally made it to the kind of sale
you only hear about.
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